Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Biotech Park Planned for Rand Road

Though the City of Portland will own the park located just off Exit 47, the City of Westbrook's involved:

Portland has partnered with the city of Westbrook
for the EDA [U.S. Economic Development Administration] grant. In addition
to Portland's $1.4 million request, Westbrook is seeking $800,000 for the
expansion of Five Star Industrial Park, anchored by biotech powerhouse Idexx, a
$1 billion producer and supplier of diagnostic products and services and
pharmaceuticals for animal care. "We want to leverage our existing resources,"
said Keith Luke, Westbrook's economic development director. "We have an existing
core of professionals working within the industry that create a talent pool and
they interact with each other and get new ideas and form new startups.
- John C.L. Morgan

(Full disclosure: My wife works for Idexx.)

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Biotech powerhouse.