Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On Location: Wells, Maine

When we woke up Friday morning, my wife and I actually empathized with out-of-towners: We had a date with Vacationland, and it was in danger of being washed out.

Partly to celebrate my wife's birthday, but mostly to enjoy a full day together without the
Little One, we decided it would be nice to spend the day at the beach. So, after figuring Down East was too much of a drive for a day trip and that the local beaches presented a been-there-done-that quality, we settled on a day at Wells. And feeling especially adventurous, we I decided we'd take The Downeaster to Wells and rely on the Shoreline Explorer to trolley us around the seaside town.

Fortunately, by the time we stepped onto the Downeaster platform in Wells, what had been destined to be a soggy day had instead turned into an overcast day with a few sprinkles. (What a sad commentary on the weather of the last three weeks when I refer to a relatively dry, overcast day as a fortunate occurrence.)

Anyway, Congdon's Donuts Family Restaurant and Bakery had fat pills that rivaled those featured at a Sunday brunch by The Frog and Turtle. Wells Beach offered the salty air, fine sand, and laid-back leisure time the 'ol lady and I craved. The sauteed mussels, fried clams, onion rings, and lobster bisque at Mike's Clam Shack were so good I can't even think about eating seafood for the next month without feeling ill. Forbes Seafood Restaurant actually found a way to screw up soft-serve ice cream (it wasn't creamy or smooth enough) And though I haven't yet decided what I think about Mamma Mia!, I have decided theatres within the Five Star Cinemas chain need a jolt of improvement.

As for my lingering reservations of an almost-carless trip (we drove to and from the station in Portland), they were relieved by seamless transport throughout the trip. Besides the smooth ride on the train, we hopped on and off the shuttle trolley about ten times and it literally dropped off us onto the doormat of each place on our itinerary. The $3 day pass for the trolley was a bargain.

All in all, it was a pleasant "stay-cation," and a modest reprieve from Mother Nature, if not from the ubiquitous tourist.

- John C.L. Morgan

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Anonymous said...

A sure trifecta win with Congdon's, TFaT, and Mike's.