Friday, August 15, 2008

What About Frenchtown?

Much of the initial commentary concerning Tim Flannery's proposal to build 66 loft-style apartments in the Dana Warp Mill has been limited to the benefits of Westbrook's downtown district. But how could such a development affect Frenchtown?

At first glance, it seems the likely tenants for the apartments would be younger people who are looking for more affordable rents than they might find in Portland, but who are also looking for a Portland-esque lifestyle. And a strong feature of Portland life right now is taking place on Munjoy Hill.

So, in keeping with my belief that Brown Street has the potential to be Westbrook's Munjoy Hill (not to mention my inquisitive mood), a few questions: Could the apartments be a part of the improvement of that neighborhood? And, if so, what affect might the City Council's anti-bar stance regarding Brown Street have on such a transformation? Will it enable it, or hamper it? Or am I just too pre-occupied with that issue for my own good?

- John C.L. Morgan


sarah said...

i think you're too preoccupied with the lack of a bar on brown st for your own good. :-)

Anonymous said...

I personally dislike the apartments in the Dana Warp Mill. It takes away the appeal of commercial properties.