Thursday, August 7, 2008

American Journal One-Liners

City Council gave preliminary approval to a temporary ordinance amendment that would allow taxi companies based in other cities and towns to drive clients from one Westbrook location to another.

Phil Csoros of Gorham will challenge State Senator Phil Bartlett to represent part of Westbrook in the State Senate.

Pat Gallant-Charette talks about swimming the English Channel.

Referendum concerning a City Charter commission will not be on the November ballot.

Municipal officers rejected an application for a liquor license for Brown Street bar.

City Clerk is a rock star.

- John C.L. Morgan

1 comment:

James Tranchemontagne said...

It was really said to see the city turn it backs on the Dore's again. Image the financial burden of a city shutting your business down and ruining the value of your property by making it non rentable as it is zoned. Especially, after you have put great money into the infrastructure, have ran your business in accordance to state/ local laws and did considerable charity work through your business for the neighborhood.

Imagine the frustrations of the Moore, who have lived here 10 years, have help revitalize the Brown St area and our good citizens to not even be given the benefit of doubt. The councilors treatment to them, lead by Councilor Aube, was embarrassing and insulting.

What most disturbing is councilor Dotty Aube lack of respect toward business development in the Ward 4. Having never been to the Skybox she said, “I don’t think I would feel safe there.” How would she know? I spent many years there as a patron and was always treated well, never saw problems and felt the business was always being run with respect to the neighborhood. A neighborhood I live and own property in.

If Councilor Aube what to see our Ward become better, then she should start working for the people she represents; including business and property owners. Also, her lack of ability to get the police to make serious improvement with-in the neighborhood is yet another example of inability to be a leader in our Ward. We are tired of seeing a blind eye given to a few punks, drug dealers and undesirables who have no interest in bringing Frenchville back to the hard-working neighborhood it is so proud of.

Thank you,

James Tranchemontagne