Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Re-Use of Wescott

Yesterday's PPH article about the re-use of Wescott Junior High School is ripe with ideas for the former school:

According to the co-chair of the Wescott Junior High School Re-Use Committee, Jim Violette, the committee wants to avoid asking the city's taxpayers to "contribute any significant money toward the project" to avoid political controversy. And the piece points to a Harriman Associates estimate that the price of the conversion from a school to a community center would be between $10 to $20 million, depending on what's built.

- John C.L. Morgan


Anonymous said...

Ok, so we sell our rec building on main street for $1 (one dollar), cause the city counsel says there is no real need for a community center, and it would be too costly to renovate. Then we get a new Jr High, cause it would be too costly to renovate. And now we want to renovate it, and put services that will attract all walks of life, right next to our elementary school. The last thing I want is a lot of people walking past children at school.

Anonymous said...

I agree! The current junior high is too close to Congin to give me a comfortable feeling about having my children at Congin in such close proximity to any type of facility that will be attracting a steady flow of adult traffic.