Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Department of Doh!

I'm linking to this Falmouth story partly because I don't Westbrook to be the only town to represent in the crime dispatches, but mostly because the story is hilarious. Courtesy of the PPH:
Two officers had just arrived at Walton Park on
Aug. 19 and parked a "bait car" with some valuables inside hoping to catch a
crook and reduce the number of burglaries and other crimes reported there this
summer, according to Falmouth Police Lt. John Kilbride. But, according to
Kilbride, an 18-year-old man instead broke into the surveillance van and took a
bottle of water, apparently not noticing the officer in back behind a curtain.
The second officer was out of sight near the bank of the Presumpscot River. Then
the alleged water thief and a friend stood next to the van, in front of a
one-way glass window, and prepared to smoke some marijuana with a pipe made from
a carrot. One teen even told the other that using the carrot would make it
harder for police to bust them, Kilbride said.
- John C.L. Morgan

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