Monday, August 2, 2010

About 'Photograph of the Day'

Most of us have swell with enthusiasm when describing how great this summer has been, especially relative to last year. The pessimists among us, however, can always point to the fact that each day of sunshine and thick air represents but one more step in the inevitable trudge toward wintry scenes like the one captured above.

The caption that accompanied this undated photo indicated that it captured the first output of electric lights in Westbrook history, evidently in the 1880s. The photograph is part of the collection of the Westbrook Historical Society.

- John C.L. Morgan


James Tranchemontagne said...
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James Tranchemontagne said...

In our new bar at the French Press, 855 Main St, we have tons of historical Westbrook photos up and hope to get more. Very cool to see the history of this town. This photo is one of my favorite, unfortunately it can be blown up. Imagine the newness the people must have felt. If only we would start generating power from the river again.