Monday, November 9, 2009


- John C.L. Morgan

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James Tranchemontagne said...

This is a great start. Good spread of businesses in the video. Keith has done a fine job for the city. He has had hard shoes to fill after Mr. Carson left. I've met him at different event and had a few meetings with him. A very driven man.

Still you have to wonder when businesses get here, what is the welcome wagon going to be like? Will the city stay true to it's promises. Will developers be scared away buy increasing cost added to them by the streetscape plan/council?

Part of the,"It start here" campaign, I hope, involves getting the negative stories out of the papers, take a more business friendly approach and targeting different developers. Helping them to build here by realizing potential development sites and not losing them by adding sidewalks costs, waterlines cost, confusing zoning and codes. Looking to take our downtown back to 3 stories instead of pushing development/traffic into our neighborhoods.

We truly have the opportunity to be Maine's greatest city and I hope this video is the first step back on the right path.