Thursday, November 19, 2009

Judge Sides with Pike on Question of Shutdown Order

A Cumberland County Superior Court justice
Wednesday granted Pike Industries' request to stay a "cease and desist" order
and allow quarrying operations to continue at Pike's Spring Street quarry in
Westbrook. The decision by Justice Thomas Humphrey allows Pike to crush rock,
and to excavate and remove previously blasted rock and material at the site.
Westbrook had issued the stop-work order on Nov. 7 to prevent removal of
existing stockpiles of crushed rock. Pike had asked the court for a stay until
the full court can hear its case.
- John C.L. Morgan

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YankeeFarmer said...

The Dennis Bailey-SAVVY spin machine was working overtime yesterday to attempt to salvage something positive from this court ruling. This is far from a Pike victory. The judge did not grant the motion for Pike's stay and issued "limited stay" instead.

The court ruled that there would be NO more blasting at the Spring Street site. The only thing that Pike is allowed to do is to remove the material that had already been blasted previously.

With no more blasting, the quarry operation at Spring Street has essentially been closed by the court.