Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Election '09: Voters Choose Hilton for Mayor, Dems for Council

As of 10 p.m., unofficial results showed Hilton won 95 more votes than Bruce
Chuluda, who has held the city's top post for six years. Hilton received 3,431
votes to Chuluda's 3,336. Hilton held a celebration gathering with supporters
Tuesday night at Mr. Bagel on Main Street, where she has met with her campaign
team every Saturday morning.
In the City Council races, Victor Chau (D) beat David Tapley (R) in Ward 2, 54%-46% (667-568); Dotty Aube (D) beat James Tranchemontagne (R) in Ward 4, 60%-40% (638-427); Suzanne Joyce (D) beat Al Juniewicz (R) in Ward 5, 65%-35% (1,239-662); and Michael Foley (D) and John O'Hara defeated Michael Lawson (D) for the two At-Large seats, 40%-34%-26% (3,798-3,275-2,500).

- John C.L. Morgan


skybox212 said...

Will there be a recount for the mayors race?

Victor Chau said...

A more accurate poll result is available from the City of Westbrook website available at .
This includes the hand counted votes, something the PPH did not include. According to the unofficial result from the City website is that Hilton won by 115 votes, verses the 95 vote difference that the PPH printed.

I love Ward 2, a great place to be in, but I find it so interesting that even if Tapley and I ran together (1241 votes), we could not beat Joyce in Ward 5 (1247 votes).
Way to go Ward 5!!!! (1915 votes total)

I am proud of Westbrook for making all the poll workers work so hard! They all had to hustle because so many of you voted! Record turnout for a non presidential year!

Have a great day everyone!


Anonymous said...

BruChu is a sore looser!

skybox212 said...

I don't know what this comment means? Part of politics and democracy is the option for a recount. At such a close margin I would want every vote not only count but every vote accounted for. Rule # 1 never quite too early. On another more positive I have been hearing a lot of positive things about our Mayor elect.

skybox212 said...
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Westbrook Diarist said...

Editor's Note: The post above was deleted to avoid redudancy.


SymPrint said...

Recount is an option at the candidates expense. Frankly, 100 votes could never be made up in a municipal election recount. Remeber, Wright could not overcome 20 votes in a recount against Ann Peoples 6 years ago.

The Mayor needs to show some diginity and respect for the process.