Friday, November 6, 2009

City: Pike is Violating Shutdown Order

Pike Industries is hauling crushed stone from its
quarry on Spring Street in Westbrook, which the city says violates a shutdown
order it issued to the company in July. Pike says the city doesn't have the
authority to stop its operations unless it gets a court order. The dispute will
likely be settled by a judge, who will hear arguments next week on the company's
appeal of a Westbrook zoning board ruling that revoked Pike's permit.
- John C.L. Morgan


David Tapley said...

I am curious as to why the group of opponents to the development of Stroudwater Place have been very silent on the quarry issue. Walmart-no way, Stroudwater Place-no way. A large rock quarry on Spring St. will have a very negative impact on many people's quality of life, and pose traffic concerns. Were those not the claims we heard last year? Blast, violate permits, just don't build any retail stuff. Any project, in any part of Westbrook, should matter to ALL citizens of the city.

Drew Gattine said...


Don't worry, I've heard from many of the people who I think you are referring to and from many others on this issue. Please don't presume that just because people aren't posting on blogs or showing up (yet) at public hearings that they are "silent" or unconcerned. Most people still just pick up the phone or email.

Drew Gattine

David Tapley said...

I knew I could count on you. Oddly, Drew are very silent on this issue, and it's in your Ward. How hypocritical of you to say anything about any blogs! Not a person from Citizens for Balanced nor Westbrook Works has ever mentioned Gattine, Shutts, Emery, etc.. I'm calling a spade a spade, and your sweet-talk about "just calling or an email" reminds me so much of how you failed us as a City Councilor. When I want something done, I'll just call. If I dislike the actions or words or actions of somebody, I'll make sure that that falls on the ears of many with a blog or editorial. Remember my face to face comment. I'll tell you more next time I see you.

Drew Gattine said...

I don't really understand your comment. For the record though, I've spoken at length to many members of both organizations. The Committee I chair has met twice on this issue and I made the motion that sent this to the Planning Board. I have no doubt that the people in Birdland and nearby residences (I've spoken to many) know that I support them. I look forward to finally having this back in front of the Council on December 7.

I suppose I could give you some references if it would put your mind at ease? :)


David Tapley said...

I'm done. Simply put, I will disappear into obscurity. Enjoy!

skybox212 said...

Someone suggested last week there may be a conflict of interest with Brendan Reilly sitting on the Westbrook city council and his law firm representing the city of Westbrook. Every time his vote triggers legal action against the city his colleagues are getting paid via that decision. If this is correct when legal issues finally get to the high court could the suggested conflict of interest effect the outcome of the case.

Perhaps there is no conflict of interest at all? I have always been taken back at the fact whoever was responsible for Wal-Mart not moving to Westbrook lost Saunders Brothers 2.5 million dollars of the sale of their lot.

Allen Moore