Saturday, February 7, 2009

It Starts in Westbrook

PPH on the City's new ad campaign "It Starts in Westbrook":

Economic Development Director Keith Luke met with managers at local CW
affiliate WPXT-TV earlier this week to plan an advertising campaign meant to
funnel more visitors to Westbrook's downtown and showcase its successful


The 30-second ads are to be produced and aired at no cost under a deal that
officials struck with WPXT when it moved to Westbrook from Portland nearly a
decade ago. The station agreed to give the city about 1,000 free spots in return
for a tax break, city officials said.

Dude, where's my tax break?

- John C.L. Morgan

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Anonymous said...

Tax break! They won't even let some people start a business in this town. It seems to be all about who you are or who you know!

skybox212 said...

Once again the Closing of the Skybox eliminated eight jobs at that establishment. Pulling $300,000 a year out of local and state economies. Ultimitly causing the closing of the store across the street. Loosing another six jobs and untold revenue out of local and state economies. Pro business Westbrook killed 13 jobs with the stroke of a pen. The city should be proud of their agenda. Forcing business out and property owners into foreclosure! Preventing new people from starting businesses. The President of the United States of America Stated that it is going to take more than Government alone for this economy to recover. He stated we need the private sector to invest into the new economy, to create jobs! Is the city of Westbrook listening? Are they so wrapped up into their social engineering that they are willing to hide behind zoning laws to keep future business owners down? Who do you have to know to do business in this city. I personally believe this add campaign is a joke! It should read Maine street backed by low interest rate city loans, French Town community put out of business!


Allen Moore
Skybox Bar & Grill