Friday, February 27, 2009

Freaky Bean Closes Main Street Shop

Two Freaky Bean coffee shops were closed Friday, one just months after opening.
Customers walking up to the Main Street shop in Westbrook were quickly turned
away by a sign explaining the location was closed due to “unforeseen
circumstances.” Owner Gary Woodworth said the shop by Cabela’s in Scarborough
was closed, as well, but wouldn’t comment on details. “The economy is tough for
everybody right now,” he said.
(Update: Hat tip to the anonymous commenter who provided a link to a story in The Bollard about the company's troubles.)

- John C.L. Morgan


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My husband worked there and his paycheck bounced multiple times. I'm not surprised at all!

skybox212 said...

I am curious if the City had any low interest rate loan money into that location?

Allen Moore
Skybox Bar & Brill

Amy said...

That's really sad......we loved Freaky Bean and felt like its presence represented the change we hoped was coming to Westbrook. I hope the stretch of empty storefronts on Main Street isn't going to last.......

Anonymous said...

Going into business with friends can cloud your judgment...let that be a lesson learned. I'm something new will fill its place.

Anonymous said...

For the full scoop:

Anonymous said...

Sorry your husbands' paychecks bounced :( mine did too...

Hopefully you were able to get your tax returns. Mine were late.

Keith P. Luke said...

The City of Westbrook had no money invested in the Freaky Bean through its revolving loan program.


Seacoast said...

I installed the main flooring in the Cabela's Freaky Bean and the owners didn't pay a CENT! They still owe me close to $5000.00. Add that to the thousands they owe to numerous others and their lack of response and no wonder they are going bankrupt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Too bad they are protected somewhat by bankruptcy... and their poor creditors (including myself) will be left with little or nothing.
The owners should be jailed... CROOKS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It appears they reopened under a new name and shed their debt. Did any vendors actually get paid?