Thursday, February 5, 2009

On Location: Dana Warp Mill

Initially built in 1881, the Dana Warp Mill was renovated in the late-1990s by developer Tim Flannery and has played a key part in the economic and cultural revitalization of Westbrook. Below is a snapshot of the artists and businesses that currently call the mill once run by a devout Republican Congregationalist home:

Acorn Productions
Besides offering acting classes, Acorn is a performing arts organization best-known for its productions of Naked Shakespeare and the Maine Short Play Festival.

annie catherine
Formed in 2004 by two friends, Annie Darling and Catherine Breer, annie catherine is a line of paper products (stationary, calendars, wrapping paper, etc.) sold nationwide.

Founded in 1988 by Kip Stone, Artforms dyes, embroiders, and screenprints garments sold nationwide.

Au Inc.
Au Inc. produces totes, bags, and handbags made of materials such as raincoat cotton, corduroy, and sailwax.

Bakery Photographic Collective
Besides hosting
workshops and lectures concerning photography, the Bakery Photographic Collective functions as a non-profit darkroom for twenty commercial and fine art photographers.

Bridge Education
Founded in 2000, Bridge Education is a training center specializing in a wide-ranging number of IT skills and products.

Common Census
Common Cenus provides employee benefits and billing software for other companies and organizations.

Core Solutions
Co-founded by Paper City native Ben McCrillis, Core Solutions provides
various exercise classes, including individual and group training by appointment.

Drouin Dance Center
The Drouin Dance Center offers youth and adult dance classes in such disciplines as tap, jazz, ballet, and a Latin/international fusion dance known as Zumba.

Ghost Creative
Founded by Mark Nestor in 2006, Ghost Creative produces audiovisual presentations for ad agencies, design firms, and production companies.

Greater Portland School of Jukado
Calling Dana Warp home since 1998, the Greater Portland School of Jukado offers nightly martial arts classes for youth and adults.

Founded in Westbrook by
Katherine Freund, ITNAmerica provides transportation for senior citizens.

Jean-Pierre Rousset Studio & Gallery
A native of France, the internationally-showcased painter and photographer Jean-Pierre Rousset moved to Maine full-time in 2006. administers state-specific job search sites in nineteen states, including

Mad Gabs
Founded in the mid-1990s by Gabrielle Melchionda, Mad Gabs produces natural body balms, including lip balm and sunscreen.

Maine Academy of Staged Combat
Borrowing space from Acorn Productions (see above), the Maine Academy of Staged Combat provides classes on how to, well, stage fights in dramatic productions.

Nutrasal sells nutritional supplements.

Portland Fencing Center
The Portland Fencing Center provides fencing lessons for everyone from beginners to elites.

River Yoga and Movement Center
The River Yoga and Movement Center offers various yoga lessons, including prenatal yoga.

Shelley Engineering, Inc.
Established in 1991, Shelley Engineering, Inc. specializes in structural design.

Strategic Maintenance Solutions
SMS is a "reliability engineering consulting firm."

T. Doc Creative
T. Doc Creative is a design and advertising firm that specializes in logo, brochure, Web site, and packaging design.

Tufts Organics
Tufts Organics makes TKO Organic, an environmentally-friendly household cleaner.

W. Jo Moser Photography
Jo Moser specializes in event, family, and wedding photography.

- John C.L. Morgan

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