Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two Firefighters Lose Jobs, Former Chief Sues City

Two Westbrook firefighters who were arrested last month and placed on leave have
lost their jobs. James Gammon, a full-time firefighter for the Westbrook Fire
and Rescue Department, is "not currently on the city's payroll," City
Administrator Jerre Bryant said Monday. He was on the city's payroll Friday,
Bryant said. Richard Dorr, a captain with the call company, was terminated
during his meeting with city officials Monday. The moves come about two weeks
after the resignation of a third firefighter who had been named in a
protection-from-abuse order.

Former Fire Chief Daniel Brock has sued the city of Westbrook and Mayor Colleen
Hilton, claiming the city violated its charter and his constitutional rights
when Hilton dismissed him in January.The lawsuit, filed in Cumberland County
Superior Court on July 20, contends Brock "has suffered pecuniary loss, damage
to his reputation and emotional distress" from his public dismissal during the
mayor's inauguration speech on Jan. 4. "He was wrongfully discharged, and
nothing was done to explain or rectify the situation," said Barbara Goodwin, an
attorney for Murray, Plumb & Murray in Portland, who represents Brock.
- John C.L. Morgan

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