Friday, July 9, 2010

Portland Pirates Seek Feedback on Arena Location

The Portland Pirates are asking their fans where they would like to go to watch
the team play in the future."Where would you like to see the Pirates play?"
asked the one-question survey posted Thursday afternoon on the team's website
and sent to fans' e-mail accounts. Respondents are asked to check one of four
answers: in Downtown Portland, off the Maine Turnpike in Portland or Westbrook,
off the Maine Turnpike in Saco, or no preference. "We just wanted to get a sense
of where people's heads were at without making it any more complicated," said
Brian Petrovek, the Pirates' managing owner.
- John C.L. Morgan

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1 comment:

Lynn M said...

I've thought Westbrook just off the turnpike would be a great location for a new arena for years now. Easy access for everyone in the state and more central then Saco. But any them would be nice, I'd love to see some of the bigger shows come to Maine. It's tough to go down to Boston and see the bigger shows! I'm not getting any younger and I need my beauty sleep.