Monday, July 5, 2010

City Council Supports Sebago to the Sea Trail


The Westbrook City Council voted unanimously last week to support development of
a 28-mile trail system linking existing hiking trails, bike paths and sidewalks
with some new trails to create a continuous walkway between Sebago Lake and
Portland's East End Beach. The 4-mile leg of the trail in Westbrook begins on
Bridge Street and goes northeast to East Bridge Street. The trail goes to
Puritan Road, then 1,300 feet through city-owned property to the Presumpscot
River. The trail follows along the river to Bridgton Road, where it enters the
city of Portland.
- John C.L. Morgan


Liz Stamey said...

So glad to see this coming to fruition! I just wish they'd leave it an unpaved trail instead of asphalting it. How about crushed limestone instead? Drains well, accommodates frost heave, low maintenance ... much more forgiving to the old joints ...

Deb Rumery said...

Good point, Liz.

Unpaved would be more enjoyable for the mountain bike enthusiasts, too.

Liz Stamey said...

Hi Deb! Crushed limestone even works for road bikes ... it packs really well, but also drains so well it doesn't gets muddy. In Houston there's a 3 mile sidewalk around Rice University packed with it. One of the very few things I miss about living there. Wonder who I have to talk to about this ... someone at Portland Trails?