Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Favorite Posts of 2009: April

Three Thoughts on the Closing of Warren Memorial (April 6)
My take on the closing of one of Westbrook's two libraries.

Prince of the Poor Man's Media: Or, This Week's Episode in Shameless Self-Promotion (April 6)
A link to the best Red Sox blog, which on this day contained my ambivalence surrounding the Sox season opener.

Holy S#!& (April 7)
A link to the raw footage of a man running over a Mill Side Tavern patron with his truck.

The Presumpscots of Cumberland Mills (April 7)
A glimpse at The Presumpscots, the Paper City's nineteenth-century boys of summer.

Bar Talk (April 8)
How the patrons at Westbrook's blue-collar bars dealt with the aftermath of the Mill Side rundown (see above).

Contributors Are Welcome (April 11)
A call to arms keyboards that still rings true.

Broadening Horizons (April 14)
Pregame footage of the sublime Diego Maradona.

Pike v. Idexx et al Goes Viral (April 23)
An opponent of Pike's expansion plans for Spring Street channels Sesame Street.

On the Rock 'N Road Tour '09 (April 24)
My experience on Pike's PR caravan.

Decisions, Decisions (April 27)
A reminder that I've got to come up with a nickname for the Mayor-elect.

Why I Live in the Paper City, Draft (April 27)
Let me count the ways...

Broadening Horizons: How to BBQ Frog Legs (April 28)
I know it's not officially BBQ season, but methinks that if I actually tried this dish, I'd eat it year-round.

- John C.L. Morgan

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