Thursday, December 17, 2009

Favorite Posts of 2009: January

Quote of the Day--So Far (January 5)
A Westbrook resident eloquently explains her opposition to a state law that would prohibit Mainers from texting while driving.

Paper City Streets: Rochester Street (January 5)
A look at why Rochester Street is, well, Rochester Street.

Broadening Horizons: Parkour (January 6)
Though the posted video of Johnny O's secret hobby is a good one, be sure to check out the vintage Parkour footage linked to by WD reader Hurdy Chadwick in the comments section.

Quote, Unquote: Walter Lowell (January 7)
Find out why Americans from all over want to die in Maine.

The Sportswriter: The ABCS of College Football (January 8)
A look at the former part of the scholar-athlete job title.

On Location: Great Reading Room (January 8)
I confess my greatest addiction and describe my stint in rehab.

Taylor Smith's Ideas for a Better Westbrook (January 12)
One Westbrook resident's thoughts on how the city can become a better place in which to work and live.

Department of the Bizarre (January 12)
There should be more engagement notices like this one.

Broadening Horizons: Playing the Spoons (January 13)
This post reminds me of the two or three hours I spent working on my spoon-playing skills as two or three hours of my life I won't ever get back.

Broadening Horizons: How to Pour Stella Artois (January 20)
Yes, it takes 4:15 to explain the correct way to pour a proper glass of beer.

On Location: Warren Centennial Gymnasium (January 22)
An account of a big night out on the town.

Rudy Vallee: Modest Inspirer of Goose Flesh or National Menace? (January 22)
This post contains a link to a must-see February 1958 Mike Wallace interview with Westbrook's golden son.

The Sportswriter: Why Linemen Don't Win More Fitzpatrick Trophies (January 25)
My theory on why linemen are almost never identified as Maine's best football players.

James Tranchemontagne's Ideas for a Better Westbrook (January 26)
Another Westbrook resident's thoughts on how the city can be improved.

Did You Know? (January 28)
A look at the KKK's historical presence in the Pine Tree State.

Eat Meat (January 28)
The Maine comedian Tim Sample's dietary prescription for a more aggressive planet.

Paper City People: Blaine Reynolds and Kevin Sparks (January 30)
The proprietors of the Colonial Bowling Center dish their picks for the Best of Westbrook.

- John C.L. Morgan

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