Friday, January 16, 2009

Skybox Update

The AJ's Leslie Bridgers on the latest chapter in the arbitrary closing of Brown Street's Skybox Bar and Grill (sorry, no link):

Though the state overturned the City Council's decision to deny a liquor
license to the Skybox, it also determined that a license could not be issued
because the catering service at the same location [The Good Chef] already
has one.


Lt. David Bowler of the Department of Public Safety
found the
denial of the license was "without justifiable cause


According to City Administrator Jerre Bryant, the Moores could become
eligible for a license if the building is renovated to separate the two

[Emphasis mine]

On the one hand, the state's finding that the City's denial of the license without cause reassures me that I am not an unreasonable, raving lunatic (here, here, and here). On the other, it's (euphemism alert!) discouraging that the City would treat a business this way.

- John C.L. Morgan

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