Sunday, November 2, 2008

PolitickerME: Peoples, Driscoll Have the Advantage

Jessico Alaimo of PolitickerME has handicapped all 151 Maine House races, and she reports the Maine House #125 race "[l]eans Democrat" and the Maine House #126 is "[s]afe Democrat."

Of the House #125 race between Bob Morrill (R) and Rep. Ann Peoples (D), Alaimo writes: "Peoples won by about 300 votes in 2006, and given the dynamics of this district it will likely be a close one this year, although she has the advantage."

And of the House #126 race between Kevin Crocker (R) and Rep. Tim Driscoll (D), Alaimo writes: "Incumbent Timothy Driscoll (D-Westbrook) won by about 700 votes in 2006, and shouldn’t have a problem beating Kevin Crocker (R-Westbrook) this year."

To make her forecasts, Alaimo notes that she looks at the candidates, the candidates' electoral histories, the districts' past electoral results, and considers advice from "people close to the process."

Taken all together, her predictions for all 151 House districts break down as follows: 45 seats are "Safe Democrat," 15 seats are "Likely Democrat," 16 seats are "Leans Democrat," 26 seats are "Toss up," 27 seats are "Safe Republican," 7 seats are "Likely Republican," 14 seats are "Leans Republican," and 1 seat is "Safe Independent."

- John C.L. Morgan

P.S. For a more detailed look at the races and candidates in each of these races, check out the improved edition of the Election '08: Westbrook Voters' Guide.

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