Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fine Print

Though the City of Westbrook's agreement with Casella on recycling received prominent attention in today's PPH, there was an equally intriguing piece of Westbrook news, even if it was buried in today's Business section.

According to the brief write-up, Idexx announced yesterday that they're now planning to "invest more than $168 million into its Westbrook facility over a 20-year period," a figure which would represent a 31% increase over its initial projected investment of $128 million in 2006.

Considering Idexx had halted its expansion on Eisenhower Drive in early spring and that a company spokesman had ruminated about there being "lots of business parks in the Greater Portland area," could such a bullish investment be a hint of a resolution to the Idexx-Pike conflict? Or perhaps this is an attempt by Idexx to increase the size of the carrot dangling in front of York Street's eyeballs.

- John C.L. Morgan

Full Disclosure: My wife is employed by Idexx.

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