Friday, September 17, 2010

Housing for Artists Breaks Ground Downtown

At the start of the new year, artists will have
three new affordable spaces in which to live and sell their work in downtown
Westbrook. Construction began Monday on a three-unit live/work residential
community for artists. The building at 917 Main St., is the latest project of
Westbrook Housing. It will have three condominium units for artists, which will
consist of upstairs living spaces and downstairs retail spaces for the artists
to sell their work.
- John C.L. Morgan


Anonymous said...

How would an artist go about actually renting one of these spaces? Do you have a link or something that will give the information about restrictions or qualification guidelines? (student artists / aspiring artists / established artists, etc... income-based or no, policy defining "art".... I'm excited to hear of this construction starting but wondering, since there are only 3 units, how on earth would someone (Westbrook Housing, I'm assuming) go about deciding who would be given the slots?
Any info is greatly appreciated.

Patrick said...

According to the linked article:

"Gallagher said specific details on the cost of the units and the criteria that artists must meet to qualify to buy them are still being worked out and should be available in about a month."