Friday, April 30, 2010

Donahue and Hyland

Understand that in his youth, [former Westbrook basketball standout Matt]
Donahue could find pickup games in Westbrook, where he lived, anytime he wanted.
That's not always true today, in Westbrook, Portland or anywhere. "It was
survival of the fittest. You didn't leave until you lost." Donahue had the rep
of a pure shooter. That was before he scored 57 points against Deering High one
night in a crowded gym. That was before there was a 3-point line. Donahue set
the benchmark that night. "From the beginning, Keegan [Hyland] wanted to play
college basketball at the highest level," said Donahue. "Duke might have been
the school he first mentioned. He asked me what he needed to do.
Hyland is a standout from SoPo who recently announced his acceptance of a scholarship to Gonzaga, a perennial participant in March Madness.

- John C.L. Morgan

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