Friday, October 24, 2008

Uh, No

Tom Bell's summary of the Maine House #126 race in today's Press Herald made sense to me until the last paragraph: "[Kevin] Crocker hosted the radio talk show 'Talking Maine' for four years on WLOB. He suspended the show in May."

[Emphasis mine.]

Now, I have two problems with that specific sentence. First, it gives the reader the impression that Crocker himself decided to suspend his talk show in order to take a sabbatical to, I don't know, run for the Maine House of Representatives. But, according to Al Diamon and the Press Herald itself (I'd link to the article, but it exists only online in the "Maine Newsstand" at MARVEL! ), WLOB was the one doing the suspending, not Crocker.

Which brings me to the second quibble I have with the line: WLOB indefinitely suspended Crocker's weekend show because Crocker spit vulgar language (he reportedly dropped the f-bomb) and an ethnic slur ("jemhunter," the poster on As Maine Goes who's credited with breaking the story, reported that Crocker referred to co-worker Lou Castaldi as a guinea), while he was still on the air during a May 3 broadcast.

- John C.L. Morgan

P.S. In the interest of full disclosure, my father has contributed to the campaign of Crocker's opponent, Tim Driscoll, and my parents have planted one of Driscoll's campaign signs on their front lawn.


Anonymous said...

Nice find, but in all honesty if you heard that who episode Lou took over another person's show and the board operator let that happen. He should have been fired for not cutting to network when Crocker directed him to.

On another note Tim Discoll is a Clean Elections candidate, so I hope you are disclosing the contribution of qualifing checks to the Driscoll Campaign, otherwise that would be a clear violation of MCEA.

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