Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Apple Whisperer and Other Atlantic Stories

Amid today's balminess (it's May in Maine, so give me a little room for hyperbole), the second-furthest season from our minds is fall with its cool, crisp air and its sweet (or tart or good or best), crisp fruit, the Maine apple. Therefore, save The Atlantic's unseasonal profile of Maine pomologist John Bunker until, say, October.

Just don't forget it's here. Or there, whichever you prefer.

- John C.L. Morgan

P.S. A couple years ago, when my wife and I were renting an apartment in the building that now houses Weekend Anime (a healthy dose of cognitive dissonance, by the way, is knowing that your old bedroom is now the site for, well, never mind), I developed a strange habit of reading old issues of The Atlantic from the 1990s. So in keeping with my fondness of old issues of that esteemed magazine, here is a collection of old Atlantic stories that focus on Maine:

"Livin' la Vida Lobster" (June 2004)
"Maine Certified: The Potatoes of September" (September 2002)
"Fore Street: Restaurants Worth Building a Trip Around" (April 2002)
"Stalking the American Lobster" (April 2002)
"Hustler with a Lyric Voice" (October 2001)
"Uncivil Aviation" (April 2001)
"Recollecting Longfellow" (October 2000)
"Off the Maine Coast" (May 1997)

Fiction and Poetry
"Fourth of July in Maine" (March 1966)
"River Driftwood" (October 1881)

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Anonymous said...

What a delight to begin the day by dipping into these stories about Maine. Certainly a welcome respite from the morning talk show routine and a gentle herald to a new summer reading season. Thank you!

Hamilton House in South Berwick, featured in the "River Driftwood" piece, is a national historic landmark and worth a visit. Easy hiking trails through Vaughn's Woods trace the river and bring you right up to the house and its gardens. It's an excellent family hike or day trip.