Friday, January 20, 2012

Pike Faces Fines for Exceeding Blasting Limit

Pike Industries will pay $4,500 in fines for blasts
in its Spring Street quarry that violated vibration limits set in a consent
agreement reached by the city, Pike and neighboring Idexx Laboratories. The
city's code enforcement officer issued the fine on Jan. 11. Tom Spellman, Pike's
crushing manager for Maine and New Hampshire, said today that the company plans
to pay the fine. The consent agreement reached in the fall of 2010 set the
maximum ground vibration of a blast at 0.5 inches per second. A blast on Dec. 9
registered at 0.73 inches per second, and a blast on Dec. 14 registered at 0.59
inches per second. A third blast on Dec. 16 did not violate the standards set in
the agreement.
- John C.L. Morgan

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