Monday, March 7, 2011

Namin Takes New Job, Will Depart Westbrook in July

Westbrook School District Superintendent Dr. Reza Namin will step down this
summer after accepting an offer to take a similar position in Massachusetts.
Namin acknowledged in an e-mail he is joining the Spencer East Brookfield
Regional School District located in Spencer, Mass. The announcement comes just
weeks after the two-year anniversary of Westbrook's decision to hire Namin.
- John C.L. Morgan

Related: Mass. School District Offers Superintendent Job to Namin (March 5, 2011)


Anonymous said...

if this were facebook I would "like" it.

James Tranchemontagne said...

Wow, in 2 to 4 years all these people they have hired/elected have ran Westbrook to the ground. Took their money and ran. I hope voters show up this year and boot the rest out.

Voters must convince people they trust to run. People they believe are smart, good with money and care for this town to step up and run it.

It isn't that hard to make this city great. 3 easy point.

1. Overhaul the codes department. Get rid of Capt. Jarret and thank Mr. Goussie for his time. Also, re-write law passed by council to be more in favor of development. We have codes that are stricter then federal and state law.

2. Stop getting sued. I don't know why nobody seems pissed about this but come on already. Everyone is suing us and the city always lose. With the exception of President Rielly's law firm.

3. Stop with your study committees. From Former Mayor Chuluda to Mayor Hilton every time they turn around they want to study the town. Yet the don't meet with business, they can not plan for future growth and they do not stop the negative press this city swims in.

You could easily see a decreased budget by 8.5% to 10%, maintain service and become pro-growth but instead we have dismantle control of fire and police. We now have a consulting running both, which is a proven failure in numerous city through-out America. Hire him or hire someone. A downtown planner who can not put her name on anything in her 4(+?) years here. She does live here.

Businesses shutting down not because they have failed but because this city wasted tax revenues, doesn't attract businesses and does not put forth a positive image. Basic Marketing 101.
Hell get a Web site that is at least cool in 2005. It is embarrassing.