Monday, January 31, 2011

Roof Repairs at Community Center Trickier Than Expected

The roof at the Westbrook Community Center is proving to be a pesky problem for
construction crews. Replacing the 35-year-old roof at the former Wescott Junior
High was initially expected to be a $750,000 endeavor. But City Administrator
Jerre Bryant said recently the project would cost more and run longer than hoped
due to a leaky skylight that is proving more problematic than originally
thought. There is no estimate of cost overruns yet.
- John C.L. Morgan

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Anonymous said...

What did they really expect? It is amazing that 3/4 million can't fix something in Westbrook. I sure voters will still sit quietly and re-elected everyone again to do nothing. Imagine if a business owner sat on the council instead of a city run into the ground by unions.

NJ Roofing Contractor said...

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Anonymous said...

James there are business owners on the council. I suggest you do your research before you make statements.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous sign your name if you know the councilor and the business they own?

Anonymous said...

Victor Chau & Paul Emery are realtors who work for themselves and no one else. Brendan Rielly is a partner (owner) of a law firm working for himself. John O'hara owns multiple rental properties that he runs and maintains himself along with a full time job. Mike Foley owns a technology management company assisting other businesses along with his other jobs.

That's 5 of the 7 city councilors who are all business owners.

James, I suggest before you criticize others, you do some research. There are the facts.


James Tranchemontagne said...


The reason you post anonymously is to twist facts. Being a partner in a firm is different then being and owner. Your other three don't have employees or payroll to make. Investing in rental property is hard work but again not his source of income. None classify as a small business owner in the downtown.

So this city's residents can stand with anonymous people who don't have the courage to sign their name to their views or they can stand with the small business owners who are working to set this city back to it's heyday, pre-urban renewal, to create jobs (22 now I have created), to pay taxes in, to refurnish property and to make this city shine.

You don't have to agree with me, like me or support my places just know at the end of the day I'll sign my name and let people judge me on our character, work and commitment to this city.

Happy hiding Anonymous,

Avis Brunswick said...

Hmm, so how is this project as of now? The estimated budget was pretty high but I thinking that it is for the aging foundation of the 35-year roof. I mean, the support needs to be renovated or changed to be capable of supporting the new roof. I hope this will be completed soon.