Friday, December 10, 2010

Visionaries Wanted, Take Two

The task force reviewing Westbrook’s comprehensive plan wants to hear from you
on Saturday. The Westbrook Comprehensive Plan Task Force is in the midst of
reviewing the city’s comprehensive plan. State law requires this process occur
every 10 years, according to Molly Just, city planner. The task force has
already held numerous public meetings, and Saturday’s "Visioning Day" represents
another opportunity for the public to have a say in the direction of the city
for the next decade.
This event is the culminating experience for the first phase of the Comprehensive Plan Task Force's job, and it is a great opportunity for Westbrook folk to get together to discuss how the direction of the city over the next ten years. It begins at 10a and will include neighborhood-based discussions, topic-based discussions, and (free!) lunch for participants. It'll take place in the Westbrook Middle School cafeteria.

- John C.L. Morgan

(Full disclosure: I'm a member of the task force.)

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