Friday, December 17, 2010

Jason Snyder's Proposal for Civic Center May Still Be Alive

A local developer's vision for a new arena off the Maine Turnpike may still have
some legs after all. The Cumberland County Budget Advisory Committee, by a vote
of 3-2, decided Dec. 8 to recommend spending up to $100,000 from the county's
upcoming capital budget on a feasibility study examining the conversion of the
Cumberland County Civic Center into a convention center. The money would come
out of $200,000 placed in the budget originally as a placeholder to fund studies
of civic center renovations.
- John C.L. Morgan


Anonymous said...

Have people noticed that the plan (as represented in the picture published in the paper) envisions a bridge over Stroudwater Street and an access road (running across property Mr. Snyder doesn't own) connecting Mr. Snyder's two pieces of property?

Patrick said...

Link to source:

Anonymous said...

I didn't see any follow-up in the print media but my understanding is that the County Commissioners denied this request? Does anyone know how the individual Commissioners voted? I saw on the TV news that the chair of the CCCC Board of Trustees suggested that if the landowner thought that a study was needed that the landowner should pay for it himself and not ask the public to fund it. He said that is was premature to characterize Mr. Snyder's proposal as a "plan" and more accurate to call it an "idea" until Mr. Snyder could provide more detail.