Friday, May 28, 2010

Westbrook Vet Reflects on WWII Experiences


Dick Goodie was born in Bangor in 1923. At 19 he was drafted into the army and
found himself being shipped to Britain at the end of 1943 in preparation for the
planned invasion of Europe the following summer. That sea voyage, recalls
Goodie, was a precarious experience in which the threat of German U-Boats was
ever-present. "We shipped out of Fort Shanks New York on the Queen Mary. It took
us 5 days to cross the Ocean and the ship, its speed was thought to be its best
defence, but had it got torpedoed, I learnt 20 years after the war that the
Queen Mary, of course it could carry 15,000 soldiers across the Ocean, and we
found out afterwards that had it been torpedoed that it carried enough lifeboats
for about half that number."
- John C.L. Morgan

h/t: Reader Maine Ale

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