Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Babies, Please

PPH columnist Greg Kesich:

Here's a question for anyone running for governor (but the rest of you can play
along at home). What is your plan for producing more babies? In addition to the
budget crisis and the jobs deficit and an over-dependence on foreign oil, we in
Maine are facing a potential demographic disaster that threatens our quality of
life. Simply put, we are not growing. Maine's population is virtually flat and
is projected to begin declining within the next two decades. Those of us who are
here now are growing--older that is --and every year more of us move into
retirement age.
- John C.L. Morgan

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1 comment:

James T said...

It isn't about more babes, it is about lower the taxes to create a better business climate to attract new jobs and new families to Maine. We could be leading in so many areas but instead voter consistently elect candidates that choose to raise taxes and help to grow the non business friendly atmosphere.

You want more babes all you will get is more taxes and bigger government.