Monday, March 22, 2010

Maine Musings

Colin McGee, a Paper City resident from South Africa by way of Vermont, has been blogging since January.

McGee, who I initially met at the literary hangout that is Skybox, has so far mused on the challenges of an aspiring ex-smoker, posted a semi-autobiographical look back at life on an South African farm, and waxed philosophically about towns dotted along harbors. My favorite post, though, is "Crows," which perfectly captures the inertia of long wintry days in the 'Brook. To wit:
Tomorrow I’m going to wake early, maybe even wake
the dog early too, and leave my sleepy wife to walk the pup in the crispness.
Home to bacon, and eggs, and a morning filled with activity so I can chill all
afternoon. I’ll earn my nap, with a warm and snoring dog across my legs. Well,
that’s the plan. More likely I’ll stay up late, enjoy the inside warmth of my
home when it’s cold and shitty outside, and drink too much whisky. All the while
telling myself how good the day will be. How much I’ll accomplish. I’ll clean
the basement, tidy my life, cook a glorious meal for my bride and spend an
evening filled with conversation and love and time.
You can follow Colin at Maine Musings.

- John C.L. Morgan

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