Monday, January 14, 2013

Maine Hindus Look Forward to Opening of Westbrook Temple

Having a temple in Maine has been a hope of Hindus here for decades, said Deven Bhatt, president of Maine Hindu Temple, the nonprofit organization that orchestrated the purchase of the former Unitarian Universalist Church on Westbrook's Main Street.
- John C.L. Morgan

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thakar singh ji maharaj said...

Members of Maine Hindu Temple,nonetheless,needed a place that was claimed by the entire Hindu community,not only one individual.Notwithstanding the development of that community,advancing with the building's purchase still depended on a jump of faith.Maine Hindu Temple discovered in mid-December that Westbrook Housing,which had inherited the Universalist church from its waning assemblage,had acknowledged the group's offer to purchase the building for $75,000.The issue was the group had just raised around $30,000, and the lodging agency needed to close on the deal in a week.Without enough time to get an advance,the group made an appeal to the Hindu community through emails,phone calls and Facebook.Donations spilled in from Hindus as far away as California and,on the day the cash must be wired,the objective was arrived at.