Thursday, July 28, 2011

City, Ex-Fire Chief Reach Deal

The city has reached a proposed settlement with former Fire Chief Daniel Brock,
who sued the city in 2010 after recently elected Mayor Colleen Hilton announced
she wasn't reappointing him to lead the troubled department. The City Council
will take an initial vote on the agreement Monday. Until then, representatives
of both the city and Brock declined to give any details of the settlement.
Brock, 63, who received about $6,000 in severance pay, claimed in his lawsuit
that the city violated its charter and wrongfully discharged him. He has said he
would drop the suit if the city paid the equivalent of four years' salary plus
the health and retirement benefits he would have received through his planned
retirement age of 66. That payment would be more than $330,000.
- John C.L. Morgan

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James Tranchemontagne said...

I find it strange how nobody even seems to care about this. A few post on PPH and Facebook.

Also what is troubling, are we still using this law firm? The article doesn't even mention there name. Wonder why? How many errors have they made that they can't win in court? This alone is a $330,000 bad call. Where is that story AJ or PPH?