Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't Forget to Vote

Polls are open from 7a-8p today, so don't forget to vote on the FY2011-2012 school budget. Voting information can be seen here, the finalized budget can be seen here, and a summary of the budget can be read here.

- John C.L. Morgan


SymPrint said...

James you are all over the place. Your arguments are rants and serve no purpose. How about a concrete soloution. Freshmen sports is about 10K. Now, close the gap for the other $3.7 Million we lost on state and federal monies. We had SIX months of discussions. I certainly understand the difficulties with dealing with the City on Business related issues (you and I agree on that one) but, don't hold the school budget accountable. The School Budget is responsible. I'll be over for my lunch today!

alex.stone35 said...

Please vote yes!!!! If the vote is no then we will have no choice but to eliminate 700K from the budget... That means positions... We aren't eliminating all of the sports, activites and clubs, since we have cut many of the other programs out of the budget then the only items left are positions. We cannot decimate the school system and expect that parents will want to send their students to our schools. We cannot expect that people will want to move into the district to attend our schools and we cannot expect that businesses will want to set up in our community. We can expect that people will move out of the district, we can expect businesses to look elsewhere and we can expect our property values to DECREASE not increase.... It will also cost the taxpayers additional funds to pay for another election... We need to move forward not backwards and I believe this budget allows us to do that and with more efficiencies recognized and starting the process earlier we will be able to continue working with our community, both businesses and citizens to continue working towards a district that the community can be proud of.... Please vote yes TODAY!!