Wednesday, May 4, 2011

City Council Gives Initial Approval to Budgets

The Westbrook City Council gave initial approval Monday to the operating budgets
of the city and the school department, totaling $55.1 million. Next Monday, the
council will hold a public hearing and a final vote on the budgets. Together,
the 2011-12 budgets would raise property taxes by 4.2 percent, which is the same
as 70 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value or $132 for the owner of
$190,000 home. Residents will vote June 14 on the school budget, which is
slightly less than $30.9 million and accounts for 44 cents of the tax rate
- John C.L. Morgan

1 comment:

James Tranchemontagne said...

This will eliminate over $1.5 million of local disposable income that Westbrook citizens use at local business.

It is sad that once again all the council and now this Mayor can do is raise taxes instead of reeling back spending.

They have handed this city to the unions long ago and are afraid to take it back. Collective bargaining,set employees numbers and specific job descriptions inflate what we would really need to spend to do these jobs.

I hope citizens finally stand up for this city. They should be tried of hearing councilors say, "We've been waiting ten years for you to fix this or that, Our patience is get low."
If they think taking 1.5 million out of this economy is smart. The council an Mayor will have solidified their anti-business message alive.